Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to the Fertility Specialist!

Here we go again ;) I'm excited to go back to our specialist, but am also kind of apprehensive. Fertility treatments take a lot out of a person, physically, mentally-and financially (just being pragmatic). Fortunately, my insurance seems to be pretty generous in this area. This is a point for which I am eternally grateful. I'm also so very grateful for the technology that has allowed us to become parents, so I hope this does not sound like I am complaining. I would gladly go through it all again (and more) if it means having another child.

I have a lot to do before that appointment, which is September 22nd. I still want to lose some more weight, in hopes of dragging my pcos back into submission...or at least tame it a bit. I have been doing well lately as far as eating well goes-not so much with the exercise though. Its been incredibly hot here the last week-high in the mid 90's and extremely humid. Which means no jogging or walking for Alex and I. Anyway-I have to whip out some hard core self control while in Australia-as I'm sure that there will be all sorts of eating there...and who doesn't overeat when they are on vacation? But I'm going to try very hard to make good choices to at least maintain while I'm gone.

Other than that...just waiting for the appointment. I'm glad it's not until September. I'm glad to have this summer without worrying about babies (except my own) and pregnancy. I want to just enjoy Dan and Alex and yeah, have a few drinks too. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that things work out again. I've been blessed with Alex-sometimes I wonder if it can happen again? Right now, I'm just going to throw it up to God ;) Because, really, what else can I do? While this thought would have been troubling to me in the past, now it gives me a degree of comfort. Anyways-hoping and praying for the best :)

Leaving for Australia 7/11!!!!

Alex's first 4th of July-in all her patriotic finery!

First time in a pool-and she's loving it!

Yay! I cannot wait to go. I'm a little worried about traveling with an almost six month old, but it's also part of the "new parent" adventure. So basically, getting there (and back, of course) takes a long (long) time. We fly from where we live to Philly (2-3 hours), from Philly to LA (6 hours), LA to Brisbane (14 hours or so, no stopping) and Brisbane to Rockhampton (1 hour). My poor baby-that's a lot of traveling and flying for her maiden voyage. Alex hasn't even been out of the state yet, lol. So yeah, it's almost exactly 24 hours just in the air....this does not include lay-overs, however. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Alex isn't fussy and that the white noise from the engine lulls her to sleep. We're bringing her favorite toys (the quieter ones so as to not completely piss off our fellow co-passengers), some books, her blanky and her lovey. Basically, I'm just trying to prepare for everything and anything! I'm excited though-it's our first BIG trip as a family. I cannot wait to expose Alex to the other part of her heritage....we really want her to understand and know her Australian roots. In time, we may come to spend the whole summer (our summer) there so she can know her Australian family as well as her American family.

Anyway-we'll be gone for three weeks. We are spending most of that time with Dan's family in Yeppoon. Yeppoon is a beautiful coastal town on the east coast of Australia. It is north of Brisbane and south of Cairns. It's a very nice area-an up-in-coming resort town. Should be very nice and, hopefully, relaxing. We are also going to spend a few days in Brisbane, as this is where Dan and I went to school (uni). We plan to hang out with his friends from uni and have some informal "party" time.

I'm hoping to bring my laptop with me so I can blog as I go, but it all depends on how much stuff we have to lug around. Keep your fingers crossed that the trip over and back goes well :)