Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just Sharing....

So I'm basically just stopping by to share some pictures of Alexandra's first ever Halloween party and parade at daycare! It was super cute and I think that we both had a great time. Last year, Alex was Tinkerbell. Last year, with Alex being so young, I am sure that I had more fun than she did. This year-she kind of gets it. She gets that there is something exciting going on and can get into the spirit of things. Every stage is precious and fun and intriguing. But I think that it might be just a little bit extra special when you see their eyes opening up to the world around them for the first time <3

As tomorrow is actually Halloween, we are planning on bringing Alex trick or treating for the first time in my parents' neighborhood. So we'll have a quick dinner with them and then go out. Hoping the weather cooperates for a bonfire afterward!

 Sitting with some of her friends at "school"

 Little goof ball <3

 Parading around....wish she would wear her witch hat....

And a few pictures from our friends' wedding on Saturday...they had a photo booth there, with costumes to go with. Fun idea!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holy Cow...

Just a one year comparison! It's absolutely crazy...the difference one year can make. I don't think that the difference will ever be this drastic again! Kind of neat though.

 Taken 10/26/10: 9 months old. Was crawling, not walking...only babbling....

Taken 10/23/11; 21 months old; walking everywhere (running), talking up a storm, climbing, etc etc etc!

Another Success Story!

I like to add these stories to my blog because hearing the success stories were one of the things that kept me going when I was at my lowest. For so many of us, it feels like we are in this battle alone. That no one else knows the pain of infertility, that no one else can understand how difficult it is to hold ourselves together and keep trying-even after so many failures. But the reality-and that tragedy-is that infertility is all too common. Although, it doesn't feel that way when you are going through it. Mostly, you just feel completely and utterly alone.

It's interesting, since being more forthcoming with my own fertility struggles-and also by keeping my ears open a little bit more-I have come to meet so many people who either have dealt with infertility (to some degree) in the past, or are dealing with it currently.  It's like a little secret society (albeit no one wants to join it). Unfortunately, infertility is still a taboo subject. I can't judge this. People have their reasons for not talking about it. Hell, I had mine. I didn't want the pitying looks and the side-bar discussions about me. So even if you don't talk about it, even if you don't feel comfortable with sharing your story...know that you are DEFINITELY not alone.

Anyway, my friend, Erin, is now 9 weeks pregnant and everything is looking good (knock on wood)! She's had two ultrasounds and the little bean is growing well and has a nice strong heartbeat. Erin has been trying to get pregnant for about two years now and I would have never known this, had I not told her about what what we went through to conceive Alex (not in a freaky, I'm going to share my life story with you way...I honestly mentioned it vaguely-almost in passing). I met Erin through my husband, who works with her husband. After hearing about what we did, she told me that she has PCOS and never gets periods. I told her she should go to my doctor, which she did. Six months, injections and Metformin later-and now she's pregnant! So happy for her and sending her lots of sticky dust/healthy baby vibes!!!

Six weeks, two days until our appointment!

 Fall fun! Carving pumpkins

 Alex isn't so sure that she wants to participate...

 Forget carving pumpkins...we prefer to drill them!

 Excited to play in the leaves

 Alexandra loves her big pile of leaves

"Helping" to rake....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Steps...

Ok, it's getting closer! As of tomorrow, it is only SEVEN weeks until we go back to our fertility specialist! When I originally made the appointment, it was something like 10.5 weeks! I'm pumped because, not only is it getting closer, but also because the last 3+ weeks have flown. If things keep moving this fast, December will come in no time :) And with all the Halloween festivities, our friends' wedding, Thanksgiving, etc., time should march on...

And another step in the "right" direction...I've switched a med of mine so that I am on something safe for pregnancy. Now if I can just remember to take that darn prenatal vitamin on a regular basis...

So Yay for progress!

Camo love <3

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still Pondering...

Happy October! I cannot believe I haven't yet blogged this month. Major fail. We have been pretty busy though. I had my best friend's bachelorette wine tour one weekend and then the next weekend Dan and I had a date night and went to see one of our favorite comedians. Then my sister and her boyfriend were in town so we did a lot of family stuff. It's been a good month so far :) I love fall around here and am looking forward to the Halloween festivities and my friend's wedding at the end of the month!

So Dan and I have still been pondering the whole IUI vs. IVF thing. And again, I feel so lucky that they have such awesome technology available that there is even a choice....and that we have good insurance that will allow us to go with what we feel best for our situation. Finding that silver lining...

But the decision is still kind of hard. I still feel like we should try the most minimally invasive protocol first (I think that comes from the school psychologist in me, who is required by law and best practice, to decide a child's program based on the "least restrictive environment". Kind of the same principle), but the idea of skipping to IVF is beyond tempting. It feels like every other day, we're changing our minds about how to proceed. Part of me has just resigned myself to the fact that we won't make an actual decision until we are in the moment. I *tend* to be impulsive and will probably go with how I am feeling on the day. And maybe that's ok too. Maybe how that's how it is supposed to be-a decision from the heart. And Dan....he's pretty laid back, not to mention super supportive. He will back up whatever decision I make, as he's ok with both. Love him <3

So for now, after talking, I think we decided that **if**(still a very questionable "if" at the moment) we do IUI first, then we will only do one cycle (two at the VERY most) before moving on to the big guns. However,  I think we are getting comfortable knowing that, at our consultation, we might change our minds based on what the doctor recommends.  Fortunately, our specialist is very good about letting patients decide their protocol-within reason and with a whole lot of guidance. So we shall see.....

In other infertility news...My friend from work just started her maternity leave early due to swelling in her legs and feet. She really struggled to get pregnant and tried for over a year, with a few miscarriages during that time. Right now, Bree is 39 weeks pregnant-and expecting a baby girl! So YAY for another miracle baby who might never have come to be without modern technology. Although, I'm a little ashamed to admit because I know how she struggled, I was a little jealous of Bree. And that's how I KNOW that I am ready to have another little monkey in the house :)

 Just a silly picture :)

 With her future hubby? That's Cameron, a good friend's son...he's adorable. Cute couple, huh?

 Not a great pic of Alex...but wanted to show off her awesome mohawk's goes half way down her back!