Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy Busy Busy! Welcome to September!

We had a decently busy summer, between going to camp every other weekend, having a big pool party, going on play dates and just doing the general, menial, every day things...summer flew!

And now that September is here, we have a lot going on.

First of all...I'm not going back to work until February :) Woohoo! But, in a strange way, I kind of miss working. Odd. I would have never thought that. God knows I complain enough about **going** to work. I miss my coworkers, the comradeship. I miss problem solving with them. I miss coffee in the mornings, our little group. BUT...I love being here with my girls. I love that I have this time with them. They are both growing up so quickly. If I could go to work for like an hour and have coffee with my coworkers and then come  home to my girls-that...THAT would be perfect.

Alex and Hayden are both growing up so so quickly! Hayden is awake much more during the day now and is rolling over and **trying** to sit up on her own. Girl has a solid set of stomach muscles! She has graduated from the swaddle, which is great-except that her hands wake her up and she ends up battling with them from about 4:30am until about 8. Which means I'm up too. But she's a happy happy HAPPY baby. She's very quick to smile and coo and shriek. Here eyes are still very blue and I don't think that they will be changing. Hayden is now wearing 3-6 month clothing, but still *kind of* fits into 0-3 months. I've packed away the first of her itty bitty baby clothes. A very bittersweet task, as we most likely are done having babies. But, you have to be done some time, right??? Some things we will donate, some sell on Craig's List and some-save for friends or family that have little girls. These 4 1/2 months have flown. Again...very bittersweet.

Alex is 3 1/2 now. She is so smart and so fun and has a real sweet (and sassy, per the three year old part) side. She also thinks she knows everything, lol. Alex is taking gymnastics class now and wants to take soccer...I just need to fine a league for her. While I'm not working, she goes to daycare/preschool two full days per week...that way she can stay in the loop. Those are usually the days that I try to run most of my errands and do the housework, laundry. The big thing though-is we are fully potty trained!!! Alex has been peeing on the potty for over a year now and learned in one day, but has been afraid to poop on the potty. We finally finally got her to do it. It may have taken a whole bunch of bribery but hey...whatever works! She also sleeps in her undies and has not had any accidents in a long long time. Knock on wood-we are completely trained! Alex currently loves princesses (especially Cinderella), Doc McStuffins, playing doctor, Sophia the First, playing with princesses, and gymnastics. She's always "practicing" gymnastics at home. Her best friend at school is Daniel. Alex is a talker and will talk incessantly. I love it. She loves big words and likes to say "cantankerous" when referring to someone being grumpy at school. She is currently wearing 4T-5T clothes, because she is so tall and skinny. She's not a big eater-of anything. But that's ok. She'll eat when she's hungry. Alex is such a good big sister, and I'm so proud of how much care she takes with Hayden.

September is a busy month. We have Hayden's Christening next weekend...which means a big party (about 50-55 people) after, which I need to prepare for. We also have gymnastics and a few birthday parties to attend. My dad is having knee replacement surgery at the end of this month, so that will also keep us busy. Alex already picked her Halloween costume--Cinderella; Hayden is being a cute, pink owl.

I'm telling you...this staying home thing is no joke! I give a lot of credit to you mommies out there who stay home indefinitely. It is hard work and you are pretty darn busy :)

 A day at the zoo with cousins

 My little blue eyes

 A day at the fair

 Lol...look at the sneer!


New Tattoo for Baby Girl

I'm completely late in posting this. I've been kind of slack with this blogging thing. Anyway, I got my new tattoo for Hayden. I have a blog entry about Alex's tattoo...on my left foot...a seeded dandelion with her name...because when I was struggling to get pregnant, I always made a wish on a seeded dandelion.

Anyway. My sister and I went to get new tattoos in early August. I decided to get Hayden's name tattooed on the inside of my right wrist. It's her name with a small heart and infinity sign. I love love love it! Annndddd....it was A LOT less painful than the tattoo on the foot. These were taken the day I had the tattoo done...

Btw-The guy who did it (calls himself Captain Ron, for real) was very nice, if not a bit gruff. But he did a great job. Also had a very dry sense of humor, which I appreciated. When I first met him, I said "I suck at getting tattoos" (meaning, I'm a big baby) and he easily responded back "I suck at giving tattoos". Now I know that this should have made me nervous, but I enjoy mock humbleness.