Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Tattoo for Baby Girl

I'm completely late in posting this. I've been kind of slack with this blogging thing. Anyway, I got my new tattoo for Hayden. I have a blog entry about Alex's tattoo...on my left foot...a seeded dandelion with her name...because when I was struggling to get pregnant, I always made a wish on a seeded dandelion.

Anyway. My sister and I went to get new tattoos in early August. I decided to get Hayden's name tattooed on the inside of my right wrist. It's her name with a small heart and infinity sign. I love love love it! Annndddd....it was A LOT less painful than the tattoo on the foot. These were taken the day I had the tattoo done...

Btw-The guy who did it (calls himself Captain Ron, for real) was very nice, if not a bit gruff. But he did a great job. Also had a very dry sense of humor, which I appreciated. When I first met him, I said "I suck at getting tattoos" (meaning, I'm a big baby) and he easily responded back "I suck at giving tattoos". Now I know that this should have made me nervous, but I enjoy mock humbleness.

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