Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...We Left and Now We're back!

Wow. I have not been on Blogger in TWO months! Two months? It couldn't have been that long, right??? Well...apparently it's so. I've been a lazy, crappy, slacker blogger. But seriously, two months???!! that time, we've had quite a few holidays and also quite a few firsts for our little Hayden!

She's had her first Thanksgiving (where she ate mashed potato and sweet potatoes...the real stuff too, not baby food), her first Christmas, first New Year's and her first trip to see her daddy's family in Australia. And of course, Alex's first holidays as a big sister-a role she still actually relishes!

It's been a really good few months, it really has been. And nice to remember those now that we are in the middle of a cold, bleak, gray winter!

So our trip to Australia was awesome! And...HOT! I'm talking, hot. Like....temperatures around 100-102 and with a heat index of 108-110. And my in-laws don't have air conditioning because of their "sea breeze" being on top of a mountain. Well, I'm not really too sure where that sea breeze seemed to be missing 70% of the time. It was only really hot like that for about a week-and-a-half, the rest of the time it was high 80's, low 90's, which wasn't too bad at all.

But we really had a lot of fun and crammed a lot of stuff in one month. We took a mini-vacation to Mooloolaba when we first arrived, we went to the beach a ton, to Under Water World, to the Australia Zoo (i.e. Steve Irwin's zoo), we went to a nearby resort (near the in-law's house) and used their facilities, we swam, laid in the spa on the really hot days (they keep it cool), went shopping, to the parks, etc etc etc. Alex has such a wonderful time, especially because her cousin, Will, is 2 1/2 and more able to play and more fun to hang out with. Hayden had a tough time with the heat while we were there because she was also teething-which means that she had a few really miserable days...poor kid...but she was a trooper! The girls loved the attention they got from their Nana and Deda and aunts. I know that Alex, especially, misses the family over there. We are hoping that they will take a trip out here in our summer.

Christmas/New Year's in Australia was weird. Great. Fun. But just weird. For 30 or so years, I have enjoyed cold, snowy hot and steamy ones were just hard to wrap my mind around. To me, it didn't really feel like Christmas (although it was fun), but I'm SO happy that hubby could have the holidays with his family. And the kids-they were thoroughly spoiled and loved it!

Btw-the kids were both great on the plane rides! Alex was all about her I-Pad and movies/games...Hayden mostly slept and ate. So apparently 6 months and 3, almost 4, are the "easy" will be tricky next time we go and Hayden is a bit older and mobile.

Hayden is crawling now too! She started while we were there, which is nice because Dan's parents miss so many milestones. I'm glad they got to witness this one. Anyway, here are pics because I just can't type all about it without boring you and me! Ok...scratch are some pics of our first "Christmas" before leaving for Oz. This one was with my parents and sister. Australia pics have to wait-they are on hubby's computer ;)