Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still Pondering...

Happy October! I cannot believe I haven't yet blogged this month. Major fail. We have been pretty busy though. I had my best friend's bachelorette wine tour one weekend and then the next weekend Dan and I had a date night and went to see one of our favorite comedians. Then my sister and her boyfriend were in town so we did a lot of family stuff. It's been a good month so far :) I love fall around here and am looking forward to the Halloween festivities and my friend's wedding at the end of the month!

So Dan and I have still been pondering the whole IUI vs. IVF thing. And again, I feel so lucky that they have such awesome technology available that there is even a choice....and that we have good insurance that will allow us to go with what we feel best for our situation. Finding that silver lining...

But the decision is still kind of hard. I still feel like we should try the most minimally invasive protocol first (I think that comes from the school psychologist in me, who is required by law and best practice, to decide a child's program based on the "least restrictive environment". Kind of the same principle), but the idea of skipping to IVF is beyond tempting. It feels like every other day, we're changing our minds about how to proceed. Part of me has just resigned myself to the fact that we won't make an actual decision until we are in the moment. I *tend* to be impulsive and will probably go with how I am feeling on the day. And maybe that's ok too. Maybe how that's how it is supposed to be-a decision from the heart. And Dan....he's pretty laid back, not to mention super supportive. He will back up whatever decision I make, as he's ok with both. Love him <3

So for now, after talking, I think we decided that **if**(still a very questionable "if" at the moment) we do IUI first, then we will only do one cycle (two at the VERY most) before moving on to the big guns. However,  I think we are getting comfortable knowing that, at our consultation, we might change our minds based on what the doctor recommends.  Fortunately, our specialist is very good about letting patients decide their protocol-within reason and with a whole lot of guidance. So we shall see.....

In other infertility news...My friend from work just started her maternity leave early due to swelling in her legs and feet. She really struggled to get pregnant and tried for over a year, with a few miscarriages during that time. Right now, Bree is 39 weeks pregnant-and expecting a baby girl! So YAY for another miracle baby who might never have come to be without modern technology. Although, I'm a little ashamed to admit because I know how she struggled, I was a little jealous of Bree. And that's how I KNOW that I am ready to have another little monkey in the house :)

 Just a silly picture :)

 With her future hubby? That's Cameron, a good friend's son...he's adorable. Cute couple, huh?

 Not a great pic of Alex...but wanted to show off her awesome mohawk's goes half way down her back!

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