Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just Sharing....

So I'm basically just stopping by to share some pictures of Alexandra's first ever Halloween party and parade at daycare! It was super cute and I think that we both had a great time. Last year, Alex was Tinkerbell. Last year, with Alex being so young, I am sure that I had more fun than she did. This year-she kind of gets it. She gets that there is something exciting going on and can get into the spirit of things. Every stage is precious and fun and intriguing. But I think that it might be just a little bit extra special when you see their eyes opening up to the world around them for the first time <3

As tomorrow is actually Halloween, we are planning on bringing Alex trick or treating for the first time in my parents' neighborhood. So we'll have a quick dinner with them and then go out. Hoping the weather cooperates for a bonfire afterward!

 Sitting with some of her friends at "school"

 Little goof ball <3

 Parading around....wish she would wear her witch hat....

And a few pictures from our friends' wedding on Saturday...they had a photo booth there, with costumes to go with. Fun idea!

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