Sunday, March 17, 2013

Well Hello....

Ok. I've been a sucky blogger. I know it. What has it been? A month? Longer? Ah well....

So I am now 33 weeks pregnant! Who knows how many more weeks left, as Alex was delivered at 37 1/2 weeks. I do know that my doctor won't let me go past 40. There will be no overdue'ness here :)

I haven't updated in so long, so what have I missed? Ummmm....I passed the gestational diabetes screen (yay!) but am anemic. Big shock. I could have told them that since I'm ready to fall asleep by 730 every night. Since taking the supplemental iron pills I've felt quite a bit better. Still dealing with nausea though, along with no appetite!

Baby girl is getting big! Being short-5'4"-she pretty much takes up my whole torso now. Like Alex, her legs are measuring a week ahead of everything else, and her belly a week behind. Yeah, so this kid definitely doesn't take after me! She's an active one too-moving throughout the day pretty continuously. Hopefully she keeps it up, it makes me feel good when I can feel her all the time. At my ultrasound on Wednesday, they estimated her weight to be at 4lbs, 3oz! We're getting close!!!

My little Alex is doing awesome! She's getting very excited to meet her little sister and calls her "my baby" (awwwwwww). Of course, she also wants to name her "Rainbow". Yeah. I tell her that the baby's name is "Hayden" and she says "Rainbow Hayden". So I'm like "whatever her what you want". Meh-I'll pick my battles :) Every night, Alex comes to me and kisses my belly and yells (literally) "Night baby sister"!!! Geez-I hope she still likes her when Hayden actually comes out!!!

As far as preparations...lets just say we've been kind of sucking. This baby totally does not have a nursery yet, or a crib, or a dresser, lol. The room that will be Hayden's is our guest room. And Dan's sister and husband and their baby came over for two weeks and that's where they stayed. So no converting it to a nursery. Then, when Hayden is born, his parents are coming over for 2 1/2 weeks and need to stay there. So basically, the child probably won't have a nursery for awhile! I guess it doesn't really matter, as she'll be in our room for awhile anyway. But still, that nesting instinct is driving me nuts about it....I'm also aggravated that we haven't come up with a middle name yet. We're deciding between Olivia, Caroline, Charlotte and sometimes I throw Madeline into the mix. Depending on the day, I've settled on each of those names at least twice....

So yeah, this kid is getting a little jipped, lol. No nursery (Alex's was ready by 28 weeks), no middle name (Alex had her whole name figured out before we knew she was a girl), having to wear hand-me-downs (they are super cute though!). Ahhhhh well....we'll get there! I'm sure she will reap some benefits of being the younger one too....

Here's some pics....this one is of Dan's sister, her husband and their 18 month old. Aussies seeing snow for the first time!!!!

My beautiful little monkey. I think she's gorgeous, but I may be biased ;)

My current favorite pic

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