Monday, February 17, 2014

Mid-Winter "BLAHS" and the House of Sickness...

I have a bad case of the mid-winter crankies! Ugh! I'm SO done with snow and cold and clouds and gray and slush and boots and bulky coats and not being able to take my four year old outside to **try** and enjoy winter because it's too damn cold! Seriously. Just done.

January and February in the North East just. Sucks. March aint great either, but at least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. And sometimes, we get those quirky warm March days-like 50 degrees or so. It's like heaven. But January and February are definitely my least favorite months. They last forever. At least we spent part of January in blazing hot and sunny Australia. So January was broken up a bit. And of course, Alex's birthday is in we do a lot of fun stuff for a few days. But otherwise, these two months just suck the motivation right out of me.

And we are also the house of sickness right now as well. Alex has had a long, lingering cold and Hayden...Hayden has tested positive for the common cold, RSV and also has an ear infection. The trifecta. So she is on Amoxycilin and breathing treatments three times/day. You can imagine how much she loves that, poor kid. It's pretty much a torture session for her three times a day. You can probably hear her scream from down the street. We go back in a week and I'm hoping she's all clear and we can stop the treatments.

Alex has her "friend" birthday party this coming weekend! We are doing it at the center where she takes gymnastics. She is sooooooo excited. She is obsessed (I mean crazy obsessed) with the movie Frozen (like every other girl 8 and under). She watches clips of it all the time on YouTube and has become a YouTube addict! Seriously. It's probably not healthy, her fascination with Frozen, lol. I'm just going to ride with it for awhile. It'll run its course. BUT-she really wants a Frozen themed party. And so does every other kid in a 100 mile radius. The stuff is impossible to find!!! I've become this rabid mom who scours the internet, has gone to about 12 stores, checks Target weekly, stalks Amazon, froths at the mouth over the exorbitant supply/demand prices on Amazon...and ultimately, pays those prices to give my kid her Frozen party!  Twelve bucks for 8 Frozen paper plates. Plates kids and adults are going to throw away. OMG. I did. I bought them. I've paid way too too too much for paper party supplies and balloons.

You only turn four once, right????? The things you're willing to do for your kid. No one can understand until they have a princess obsessed little girl who sings the songs over and over again and makes you play Frozen 51413 times a day.

Little miss Hayden has been quite the little diva lately, lol. She has been sick, so she gets a pass! But even before that, her little personality is definitely coming out and she's not quite as laid back as she led us to believe when she was reallllyyyy little!

She loves attention, is very dramatic, into EVERYTHING (garbage cans, dog bowls, cabinets, sister's toys, etc etc etc) goes everywhere (under beds, under my desk, in the shower) and likes to move furniture (no joke). She is extremely active and DOES NOT like to sleep and naps very lightly. Like, one little sound and she bolts awake. Has us walking on pins and needles. She is so fun though! She is such a little ham, is totally into people and other kids and smiles at everything. But man-girlie has a temper!

So that's about it for's baby nation around here...which brings up very mixed feelings for me...but I'll save that for another post...

Below are some pictures of Alex's early family birthday party in Australia...still need to put all the Aussie pics onto my computer

 Alex with her cousin, Will

 Party outfit!

 Our Aussie family

The girls with their aunties

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  1. Complaining about winter? What the heck? You got to escape it for a few weeks. I've been trapped here the whole time! Seriously though, this winter sucks! I'm so ready for a vacation or spring. Happy birthday to Alex!!