Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eight Months Old!

Trying to crawl!

Playing with her friend-another "Alex"-at her friend, Jack's, second birthday!

Enjoying all these new toys!

Fall Jamboree-she's not letting go of that pumpkin vine!

Finally-they are all looking! Alex with her "cousins" Rylee and Reese

Alexandra turned eight months old on the 17th! I cannot believe it! Time has gone by so fast and it's so strange to think that in three days, we are going to begin the process of trying for #2. Alex is still so young, I know...but she doesn't seem like a little baby anymore. She's trying to crawl, is becoming more vocal everyday, is into everything and looks more and more like a little girl than a baby! It makes me so happy and so satisfied, yet so afraid of missing a moment. I'm sure every mom feels like that though.

In other news, I've been back to work for about two weeks now. It has been c.r.a.z.y. We have a new group of students who have some very significant emotional and behavioral needs. So they have been keeping me very busy at work. Being a school psychologist is very rewarding, but also very frustrating. I have to be careful not to let myself become burnt out and am pretty diligent about leaving my work at work. Plus, when I'm home, I want to make the most out of that time with Dan and Alex. Family comes first...and I won't spend my weekends working on evaluations as I once had, just not willing to make that sacrifice.

Speaking of which, our weekends have been jam-packed lately-birthday parties, fall festivals, etc. Its been a lot of fun though-this weekend we are decorating for Halloween. We would have done more, except for the fact that 3/3 of us are sick :( Alexandra came down with a cold on Tuesday, and is on the mend. Dan came down with it on Thursday and spent the day in bed. Well-looks like it's my turn now. I have the works....runny nose, cough and a sore throat. Hope it goes away soon. I'm sure we all hate being sick...but being sick on a weekend just plain sucks! Anyway, I'll have to post some Halloween pics once we're all up and running and back to normal!

Three days until we see our fertility specialist. I'm totally nervous and excited both!

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