Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Family Pic :)

Alex party hopping-finding the class with the best stuff!

The full costume...the leggings are shimmery, but you can't tell from this pic. The socks make the costume, don't they? Lol.

Chilling in mama's office

Check out my purple and black spider hair extensions!

I hope everyone has a fun-filled (and safe) Halloween!!! As for us, we won't really be doing anything much tonight except handing out candy. We usually go to a Halloween party the weekend of Halloween, but couldn't get out there this year because we had no one to watch Alex (my parents are in Florida for a few weeks). Plus, I really wasn't ready to leave her overnight yet! No biggie-we'll go next year-and hopefully take Alex with us :)

Dan, being an amazing husband, did take 1/2 a day off work on Friday to bring Alex to my work for the annual Halloween parade. She was dressed as Tinker Bell and I was a dark and sinister queen, lol. We had a great time! I was a little afraid that Alex would be afraid of all the kids' costumes, but she handled it all in stride! Some pics are included :)

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