Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I've Been Bad...

Alex and her buddy, Ivan. She's trying to feed him a block.

Our front yard...love fall colors

Our amateur photo shoot

A bad blogger that is! I just can't seem to find any time lately. Work has been kicking my butt lately and when I'm home, I just want to veg., with Dan and Alex. But here I am...hopefully getting back into it!

It has been a busy but fun October. We've had two weddings to go to, one of which was SUPER fun. The girl getting married was a friend from college so I got to see all my college friends at her wedding (I don't get to see them regularly, as I moved to another part of the state)! So.much.fun. Seriously. I think we all danced all night and yes-I think the Electric Slide is still cool, lol. Great music, great friends, awesome reminiscing and a little happy buzz going on too. Just like old times! Other than the weddings, we've gone to various apple fests and to pumpkin patches and I am very much enjoying Alex's first Autumn with us. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving as a family of three, and of course to Christmas. I cannot wait for Alex to see the Christmas tree and all the lights-she's going to go crazy for it all!

Alex is doing great, btw. She's jabbering away and is such a little person now. She's also getting pretty mobile, which is fun but brings about a whole new set of worries (sharp corners, etc). I've always loved having her with us, but it's getting to be so much more fun as she is interacting and moving and her little personality is taking shape (or should I say BIG personality?).

Onto some fertility news....I had my second HSG on Monday and thank God, it didn't hurt AT ALL this time. It was about as uncomfortable as a normal pap smear. Totally manageable! I think having it done with my RE versus my GYN made all the difference. Basically, they do it more so they do it better. Giving birth I'm sure also had something to do with it not hurting. So yes, I'm very thankful for a MUCH better experience. Anyway, it's one step closer to hopefully having that second baby. I'm thinking we'll begin treatments sometime around January...which is coming up faster than I can believe!


  1. YAY for the update!! I love fall colors too. I have some similar pics I still need to upload! We will be starting treatments sometime in January also!! It would be awesome to be TTC buddies again :)

  2. That would be great! Better yet if we are in the same ddc!!!