Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getting Up There

Holy heck....I haven't been on in for-evah. At least if feels that way, going from blogging everyday during my treatments, to once a month now. I've been a slack ass. BUT-also really busy. Dan's parents are visiting us from Australia and have been here about 2 1/2 weeks, and will be here another two weeks or so. So yeah, that's kind of eaten up my free time. Things have been going well; but I will admit that every now and then I crave my orderly, neat house--and my "alone" time. BUT-Alex is loving having her Nana and Deda around, and it's nice to see her eating up all the attention. Oh yeah, and it's nice that I can sleep in as late as I want now, because I know Nana is there to take care of things. So their visit comes with definite perks for me ;)

On the baby front--I will be 17 weeks tomorrow :0 So we are getting there--getting to the almost half way mark. Our anatomy scan (i.e. the "big" scan) is set for Friday, December 14th in the afternoon. I'm having more girl vibes now than boy vibes--which, if you remember in the beginning-is different because I was SO sure that we were having a boy. My friend, Jill, did the needle test also--and it said girl. Now, I'm not one to believe in those silly tests, but I will say this.....the needle has been correct 14/14 times so far for various people. And it's always done before the scan, so no one can manipulate the outcome. Crazy odds, right???!!!

I really don't care what we are having...there's pros and cons to both....but I know. But more than that, I just want to know that s/he has one head, two eyes, two ears and organs that are in the right place and working. That's it. Any gender sighting is icing on the cake.


  1. That's great, congrats! I'm hoping for boy but I'm obviously biased because of my twin boys ;) Hope you are feeling great!