Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November!!!!

Yayyyyy--November 1st. Another month closer to my May 5th due date :) Oy, it seems like so long to go though. Although, if this baby takes after his/her sister, s/he will be coming in April. I wouldn't mind that so much, as long as it wasn't before 37 weeks.

Anyway-I'm 13.5 weeks, will be 14 on Sunday. I'm not really showing yet to most people, but can see a difference in myself. To most people, it would just look like I'm extra fluffy. The nausea is mostly gone now, though it does come back randomly whenever I think I am in the clear. I definitely feel my ligaments stretching, which can be a bit achy at times. My fatigue also seems to be lessening. mood seems to be leveling out now. I went through a rough, hormonal stretch for a little while. I think it was partly due to the normal pregnancy hormones, partly due to being sick so much, and partly due to the fact that I had to change a medication to one that is safe for pregnancy--and unfortunately, a common side effect is change in mood. Honestly, it really freaked me out because I'm normally pretty level. It was akin to being on 150 mg of Clomid for the last three months (Clomid made me cranky)! Keeping my fingers crossed that I am over that hurdle.

We're getting pretty excited about this baby. I think, for awhile, I didn't allow myself to really get invested because it was such a rocky start with low numbers and spotting. I kind of steeled myself without even really realizing it. But I definitely feel myself getting attached to the little bub, which is scary because whenever you love anything, you open yourself up to the potential for hurt. I know that things can always go wrong, even after the first trimester. But it's just a risk that one has to accept and pray that they don't have to deal with. And I pray that this little one arrives safe, healthy and strong. Going through infertility, through one early miscarriage, you don't take anything for granted. But it sure as heck makes you eternally grateful too.

On a lighter best friend since second grade--so what--like 25 years??? She got married a year ago and just found out last week that she is pregnant! She should be about five weeks :) Which means, if everything goes well with both pregnancies, our babies will only be two months apart. That would be so awesome. I'm hoping that we get to experience pregnancy together--it would kind of add a new element to our friendship <3 p="p">
Alex loooovvvvvvvveeeed trick-or-treating yesterday. She was the most adorable little lady bug, if you ask me, and really got into the Halloween spirit. Two-three is such a fun age!

 After carving pumpkins

Ready to go trick or treating!

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