Sunday, April 14, 2013


Today I am officially considered FULL-TERM!!!!!!!!! Thirty-seven weeks and counting!!! So, really, who knows when baby girl is coming. When I was 37 weeks with Alex, the doctor admitted me to the hospital to be induced for mild pre-e. Alex was delivered at 37w2d. I have a feeling that, very soon, I will be the most pregnant I've ever been. So yes-at this point I was being induced with Alex...with this baby....I'm going grocery shopping and taking a family walk. Every pregnancy is definitely different!

Yesterday evening I decided to take a relaxing bath before going out. A bunch of girlfriends and I were supposed to meet up for dinner at PF Chang's. I was definitely looking forward to the evening because a. I wanted to try the restaurant and b. It's always nice to go out for adult conversation without worrying about your kid losing her shit. Anyway. I was looking forward to it.

At the end of my "relaxing" bath, I started feeling some contractions and pressure. I thought they were the normal pesky old braxton hicks. Well, they soon turned into full-blown, PAINFUL contractions that came every 2-3 minutes and lasted about a minute. I couldn't get relief. I also felt nauseous and like I had to take a bowel movement. Needless to say, I cancelled my plans and stayed in bed and chugged water...also called my best friend who used to be a labor and delivery nurse. She recommended that I wait an hour and then call my doctor. Well, I waited about an hour and a half and they were still going strong. I called and the nurse said she would have the on-call doc call me back.

At this time, I thought it was the real thing. It felt like the real thing!!! And I was completely freaked out because, despite saying that I was ready for this baby to come, the thing that kept going through my head is "I'm NOT ready yet"!!! My parents are still in Florida, my in-laws are still in Australia...who's going to stay with Alex??? And the pain-the pain freaked me out too! Believe me, I remember the pain from last time. I dread the pain. But you don't really remember what it feels like until you feel it again. You don't remember how bad it is! Even if you think you do....

Anyway, this ended up going on for two hours and I just couldn't get any relief. Finally though, the contractions started calming down and becoming less intense, and they also spread further apart. By the time the on-call doc called me back, they weren't bad at all so he recommended that I call back if they got bad again. I had a few more hours of not-bad contractions that were further and further apart and then nothing. Today, nothing. How odd???

I have my 37 week appointment tomorrow, so I wonder if he will check me, given what happened last night. I'll be pretty bummed if I went through all that pain and there's been NO progress. But I have to say-I am now really dreading labor. Now that I remember **exactly**what it entails. I wish there was someway of them knocking me out and waking me up as soon as they were pulling her out. But there's not. And while I am so grateful to God for this baby...I'm still scared of the pain....

First trip to the zoo this season :)

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