Friday, November 15, 2013

Concerts...10 years later.

The last concert that Dan and I went to was either a Dave Matthews' Band concert or the Fall's Festival (big music fest in Australia). I don't really remember which was last. But they were roughly nine or ten years ago. Man, concerts were different back then. Done differently. By us.

Both concerts involved copious amounts of alcohol. With DMB, we met with a whole group of friends and tailgated for, I don't know, seven or eight hours? We drank and ate and hung out in the parking lot...nothing to do, nowhere to be. With the Falls' Fest, we slept in a van and camped and tailgated for pretty much a whole weekend. Concerts back then, they were not A single event, they were a whole day-or a whole weekend.

Fast forward ten years later. Ha. Different story. Not bad. Just completely different. There was no pre-gaming or tailgating. There was no alcohol involved at all for this concert. Which, ten years ago...would be like what the h%ll??? Oh, and we had actual seats for this concert. No standing in the pit. No getting crashed into when "Crash" or "Crush" came on. No...we had actual seats. And we actually SAT in them, at least for the pre-show performances. And 90 minutes before the performance...what were we doing? Not partying...we were eating Asian noodles and tofu, trying to shovel some food into the three year old's mouth, feeding the bub a MumMum, wiping down kitchen counters and stepping on princess Barbie shoes. So yeah. Concerts now do NOT equal whole day events. More like-lets try to fit this in wherever we can!

Anyway, we went to see Macklemore the other night. It was a fan-freaking-tastic concert. Seriously. He was amazing in person. And he was very engaged with the audience, which was awesome. It really was a stellar performance. I'm so glad that we went, that we got tickets...even if everyone around us was about ten years younger and probably in college. Seriously, I've never seen so many skinny jeans, Uggs, and midriff tops in my life. Are midriffs even in now? Because they shouldn't be. I don't care how awesome your body is.

And since when are leggings passable as pants? I mean...wear them under a dress..ok. Wear them under a long tunic...ok. But dammit, people. They are NOT pants, nor should they be thought of as pant substitutes.

So Dan and I enjoyed our concert, completely sober, drinking coke (needed the caffeine, because two kids tend to suck you dry) and eating Skittles. We bemoaned the uncomfortable seats and rubbed our backs. We checked our phones frequently to make sure the kids were ok at home. We laughed at the stupid drunk woman a few seats down from us who's dancing was akin to a seizure. And we had a great time. Different this time around. Just different. But not less fun. And the best part: I can actually remember the concert this time. Do I sometimes wish to go back to my early twenties? Actually. No. I like thinking about those times. I like wishing for a day or two here or there, a day where I can be totally self-focused and self-involved. But to go back? Heck no. No desire. Things are good. Different...but good...great. And I don't have a nasty hangover to contend with either.

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