Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fun is....

Fun is different these days.

Yes, Dan and I went to the Macklemore concert last week-which was ah-mae-zing. Yes....we went without kids (duh) for some adult fun. And it was great. Awesome. And very needed. Because adult fun is still needed. Alone time with your spouse is still needed.

But there are few things that compare to seeing your kid's face light up because her mind has completely been blown by seeing the "real life" Jake and the real life Sofia and the real life Cinderella and Doc.

Oh. My. God. You should have seen my child. I thought she was going to lose it. I thought she might just combust into a cloud of confetti. Seriously. She was THAT excited. And that's a hard thing to beat-seeing your child so overwhelmed. I mean, the kid was on the edge of her seat with a look of concentration on her face for a good 90 minutes. She was yelling "Go Izzy" and "Go away Captain Hook" as loud as her little lungs would let her. It was just priceless, seeing her that way.

Oh yes...and we went the full nine yards. We dressed up as Sofia for the show, we went with my good friend and her two little girls...who also dressed up like Sofia. We bought three cotton candies (for 36 bucks!!! What what???), a stuffed Izzy toy, a snow cone in a Jake cup and a Sofia light-up twirly thing. We spent a small fortune. But damn it...it was worth it just for the experience alone.

However, note to others who are going to go the any Disney Live! production...bring your own snacks and drinks unless you want to leave having consumed 12 dollar cotton candy, along with a 12 dollar snow cone. Forget popcorn...that will run you at least 15. Those Disney bastards...

But anyway...it was awesome!

 Random one of Hayden

 Ready to see Sofia!

 It's impossible to get a good picture of two three year olds and one six year old...

Hyped up on junk food!


  1. It's funny that Alex looks like she's the same size as the 6 year old. Sounds like a great time!

  2. I know, it's crazy! I think she's only about two inches shorter!