Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In Honor Of My Little Snow Pea....

...I just bought this onesie today:

FET Ice Age Infant Bodysuit                                                
I plan to proudly put my little monkey in this this summer!

FYI: Cafe Press has awesome Infertility know, for when you kick infertility's ass!

I'm proud of all Hayden's been through to get here! She's a fighter! She's tenacious!

And funny thing is-her personality is still that way. She is going to be my handful, my strong willed, wild on-the-go child. She's was (is) a fighter from (virtually) the very beginning! Heck-even in utero she was always bouncing, kicking, moving...ready to take the world by storm!

And what's not to celebrate about that?

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