Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer = Amost Unofficially Over

**Sad Face** Where did it go????? How can summer be coming to a close??? I'm definitely NOT ready...even MORE not ready than usual!!!!

I know I really need to suck it up. After all, this will be the first school year I have worked the ENTIRE school year since 2011-2012. But that's just it...I'm facing 9-10 months of craziness. It feels a bit daunting when you're looking at that head on, before even starting.

And I like my job, most of the time. I **generally** like the people I work with and, as a school psychologist, no day is ever the same. BUT...I just got used to being home with my girls.

Don't get me wrong. Some days I feel ready to go back. But those moments are usually found in the midst of meltdowns and dirty houses and cooking dinner with a wailing child on the floor. They are just moments, fleeting and short. I'm torn...I'm caught between **wanting** to BOTH work AND be home with the girls. Because I do like my job. And if I really wanted to stay home full-time, it would mean changing our life style drastically, BUT we COULD do it.

The thing is...I like our lifestyle, I like my job, I like being outside of the home part of the time (although, I wish it were only for like 2-3 days of work, versus 5), I like meeting new people, I like problem solving....I like knowing that I can support myself and my kids if Dan were ever injured or couldn't work. It gives me a sense of security.

But I also totally get why parents choose to stay home!!! The thought is VERY tempting after a long day. Part of the reason I went into school psychology versus clinical psychology is SO I would have a family friendly job. And I do. I'm out by 3:25 everyday, don't work weekends or nights and have 10 weeks off in the summer, not counting a week or two at Christmas, a week in February and a week in April (not to mention the "little" holidays). So I like to think I have the best of both worlds...but it's still a hard transition, to go back and face an entire year!!!

Ok. That was kind of a pep talk for myself!!!

This year will be busy busy busy!  Alexandra is going into pre-school and will be starting the UPK program at her home elementary school! It is a half day program, five days a week. She will be going to daycare in the morning, where they are also working on a pre-k curriculum, and then Dan will pick her up and bring her to preschool in the afternoon. We already bought her Frozen backpack that she is in love with...and I'm sure every second girl will have the same one! But whatever...she's happy!

We went shopping for her first supplies list ever! It was so strange, buying all that school stuff for her...and I just have no idea where time has gone. The adage about days being long and years being short are so very true! Btw--I don't remember ever getting supplies lists back in the 80's when I was in elementary school....Is this a relatively new thing???

Alex also has gymnastics on Wednesday nights and soccer on Saturday mornings. That's right, I'm going to be a soccer mom sitting in a sports chair and sipping my coffee-probably in sweats! I'm excited though, because I can leave Hayden with Dan and just have that one on one girl time with Alex! She wanted to do dance as well, but I think two activities is more than enough for us for now.

So will be a very busy year--especially with Hayden getting more vocal and even more active and into things!

So here's to hoping this school year is a good one!

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