Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vacationing with a Toddler...

Vacationing with a toddler is a different experience-especially your first time around! Yes, we have traveled with Alexandra before now. Heck, we were in Australia this past summer with her when she was six months old. However, traveling with a toddler is a whole new ball of wax.

There was a fever, crankiness from teething, tantrums, ear issues on the plane, tantrums over having to sit still while being out to dinner (we probably won't be going out to eat for awhile), crankiness from a disruption of her schedule, missing naps, planning the day around naps, tantrums. Yes, we have begun the tantrum stage. My baby girl is strong willed <3 Wonderfully strong willed, I should say. And also sweet, loving, funny, adventurous and so very smart. I could keep going....

It's pretty safe to say that vacation, for me, is no longer about sipping cocktails by the pool and relaxing with a good book. There is no more relaxing. Vacationing with a toddler takes work, patience and practice.

But I wouldn't change it for the world!!!!!!!

Things have changed. They certainly aren't as easy as before. But I loved sharing all those experiences with my baby girl and husband. I loved watching her explore new places and see new things. And yes, it isn't as relaxing on mama anymore, but it's just so much better, so much more meaningful and worthwhile.  This vacation was a stark contrast to our last vacation to Florida. I was doing injections that whole time and monitoring my temperature. I was depressed when we went to the beach and all I saw were families.

And now I was able to be at the beach with *my* family. And that's something I will always wonder at and be grateful for. Despite the hiccups along the way, being a parent is the most wondrous life experience. Vacations may no longer be stress free-but dang-they sure are memorable <3

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