Friday, February 18, 2011

We're (Almost) Outta Here!

We leave for Florida tomorrow :) :) Fort Myers to be precise. My parents are "snow birds" and have a place there. I CANNOT wait. It has been a tough winter with excessive snow fall and sub zero temperatures. I am looking so forward to wearing flip-flops, going for walks, going to the beach, not having to bundle myself or Alex up to go outside, wearing sun glasses, having some cocktails by the pool...the list goes on and on!

But first...we have to make it through the plane ride. That should be interesting. Alexandra is at the age/stage where she wants to be mobile all the time and only wants to be held/snuggled when she's tired or when *she* decides she'd like it. So keeping her still (and happy) for 3-4 hours will be quite a feet!

We are going armed: we have packed her Puffs, yogurt melts, MumMums, fruit bars, and several books and toys. But something tells me that going to Australia with a six month old (on flights that totaled 24 hours) was easier than what it will be like to go on a 4 hour flight with a 13 month old. Yep-just got that feeling. Wish us luck ;)

 Being silly...eating mama's camera case

 Play date with Jack and Alex (ander)

This is why you don't worry about cleaning windows when you have a toddler....

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  1. awww I will be praying that it goes smoothly. HAVE FUN!!!!