Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vacation Pics!

So despite numerous cancellations and/or delays on our flights, we finally made it to Fort Myers (a day late, but at least we got there). My parents are snow birds and own a place there...which is nice for us because we always have a place to go to in the winter. Dan's parents also came with us, and then flew out on Friday to leave for Australia. We will all definitely miss them...but Dan, Alex and I are looking forward to planning our trip to Australia this coming July!

We crammed a lot in, despite Alex being under the weather for the first day: we went to the beach, went to a water park, did a nature walk, shopped at some outlets, and spent several afternoons at the pool. Also went to the Naples Zoo. We had a great time...but now it's back to reality. Here are some pics :)

 Taking a swim...Alex LOVED the pool!

 Sticking out her tongue...her new favorite pose 

 Alex with her daddy and both sets of grandparents at the Naples Zoo

 Alex cuddling her new stuffed giraffe. We had to get her one because she loved the giraffes at the zoo

 Sitting with nanna...all dressed up to go out

 Playing in the sand with Deda

 She loved the sand!

 So happy!

 Playing at a water park type of thing

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