Sunday, June 19, 2011

It Had To Happen Sometime...(gulp)

Yes. It had to happen. I just didn't think it would happen quite yet. I'm talking about the first over-nighter. That is, the first night where I am actually away from Alex. For the entire night. And to make matters worse, Dan will be too. Ugh. I haven't been away from Alex for longer than 10 hours. And I have no desire to leave her overnight just yet.

It's one of those weird things that I would have scoffed at pre-kid. I would most definitely have rolled my eyes (secretly of course) at a friend who was experiencing such anxiety over spending a night away from the kids. A teeny part of me would probably have been irritated with said friend and I would have boasted about how I wouldn't let a pint size tyke take over my whole life. Ha! What a laugh! Parenthood changes EVERYTHING!

So no more being self-righteous and know-it-all'ish from me. Being a parent equals worry. Especially when the parent is not the one in control. Anyway...Dan and I are going to our friends', Sully & Lauren's, wedding. Not only is it a five hour drive, but it's out-of-state. Another thing that I'm not crazy about. So not only am I leaving my baby overnight, but I'll be further away than ever from her. Ugh.

It should be fun, right? This is good for us, right? It's good for us to get out and socialize and have fun and imbibe a little, right? It's good to take the "us" time and to not have our WHOLE life centered around the baby, right? Please tell me that this is a good thing?!

Just to parents are coming to our house to stay with Alex. So she'll be in her own house, with her own toys, in her own bed. I should just chill, right?  My sister and I survived childhood. We're *mostly* ok. I'm supposed to be reassured, but man, I'm just kind of dreading the weekend. Honestly, I can't wait until it is over. I can't wait for this time next week. I keep telling my mom, "It's me...not you" by way of explaining my anxiety. Kind of feels like I'm breaking up with someone. Ugh.

Some more camp pics...

 Our weekend art project <3

 Getting ready to go on the boat in her completely clashing outfit...

 Taking a swim after the ride

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