Monday, June 27, 2011


I survived my first "forced" separation from Alex overnight. Ok, "forced" is a little bit extreme. Dan just had to convince me that it would be good to get away. And it was. And much more important than me surviving, Alex not only survived but she also had a great time with her grandparents! Score!

Alex actually did extremely well. She didn't seem too upset when we left (thank God, because then I would have felt like shit all day) and was very well behaved for my parents. I think that they really enjoyed the time with her as well.

As for us, we had a great time at the wedding! We were able to just cut loose and not worry about anything (well, ok...there were several phone calls home to make sure things were still going well). It was really great for us...just to be together and socializing and living it up into the night (and into the morning, till about 4am to be exact). Now I am not eager to leave Alex again overnight and am VERY happy that we don't need to anytime in the foreseeable future, but I also need to try to remember how important (crucial really) it is to be able to spend time with one's spouse away from the kids. Time away where you don't have to relate as parents or home owners, etc. Anyway, it was just awesome. I think we both feel refreshed and even more connected <3

And by the way-the wedding was CRAZY! I mean, not only were there a bunch of party animals there-but the whole wedding was off the hook. An absolutely FANTASTIC cocktail hour complete with martini bar, wonderful music and a WHOLE ROOM filled with tables of dessert. Yeah, those people know how to throw a wedding!

Glad to be home though <3

 Alex cheesing for the camera

 The wedding; that's my hubby doing a reading

 Having all sorts of fun <3

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