Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hell Week.

Is *almost* over. I just have to get through one. more. day. Can I do it? Can I? Well, we shall see. I almost lost it today on an ignorant parent who knowingly lives with a pedophile. I mean-I really wanted to lose it. Like head spinning lose it. Anyway....

So this week has been my hell week. CSE meetings every day-most of them lasting all day. I'm coping, but feeling pretty ADHD right about now. Man, it's tough sitting through all those meetings and being alert. Sometimes, I just try to *look* alert. Not great when you're chairing meetings.

Next week is a mix. I'm in meetings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....but we have off Thursday, Friday and the following Monday!!! Wahoo! SO. EXCITED. We'll be heading up to camp for the Memorial Day weekend, which will be our first time since last summer. Camp should be pretty fun this year, especially with Alex being older and so much more talkative and interested in things. And my cousin will have her 12 month old (IVF) twins up too-so Alex will have some little ones to boss around (and they won't get mad, because they won't "get" it yet).

We are also supposed to close on the new house next keeping our fingers crossed that it actually happens!

The good thing about being so busy: not thinking about or planning for pregnancy number two!

Had to add this picture because it makes me giggle: the toddler version of badminton...everyone on one side of the net, swinging at nothing and falling down for no apparent reason. Yeah, that's my kid on the ground ;)

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