Thursday, May 24, 2012

I **Should** Be Packing...

....But I really don't want to! I am feeling lazy and unmotivated today. But so very excited to close on our new house tomorrow!!! And as excited as I am--I still just wish that I could will all of our crap to pack itself and move itself. Not unreasonable or anything, am I?

I'm just kind of bad at packing. Really. I don't know why. I am super slow at it and again, I don't know why. Perhaps it's because I jump onto Facebook or onto Blogger or go looking for food or drink every few minutes. Short attention span.

The other thing that I do is pace. Probably because I am so overwhelmed looking at all of our *stuff* that I have no clue where to start. So basically, I walk around ringing my hands, not knowing what to do with myself. What to tackle next? Will we need this before the move? Will this box be too heavy? Etc etc etc. So I occasionally wander around, looking at stuff-a little dazed and confused and incredulous that we have accumulated SO much useless crap within the four years we have owned our current house.

As you can probably guess...this blog post is a diversion from packing. I'm not very clever, am I? I really need to make the most of this time, as Alex is currently napping. And I have a feeling that part of the reason that I am so slow with packing is because Alex is "helping". I'm sure you can imagine what a two year old's idea of "helping" is.

So we close tomorrow at noon :) We are very excited. We won't be moving this weekend because we are having the main part of the house painted--so we'll probably move next weekend. But tomorrow night, Dan, Alex and I (and the dogs) will go over and have a picnic of pizza and wings and Moet champagne. Thought I would bring out the big guns with that one. Juice--not champagne--for Alex. And then it's up to camp for the long Memorial Day weekend! Have a wonderful holiday :)

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