Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Two Things...

The two things that drive this infertile nuts are as follows: pity....and pregnancy complaints.

Ok, I can kind of get the pregnancy complaints in some cases. I have a friend who had such bad morning sickness that she needed to be hospitalized for IV fluids and nutrition. Yeah...I get being kind of grumpy about that. I'm not completely insensitive to the "not so pretty" parts of pregnancy. But complaining about every. little. thing. Bah! Suck it up.

Where is my rant of the day coming from? sort-of friend at work is 10 weeks pregnant with her second child. She had been trying for close to a year this time around. Because we were both trying, we talked a lot about the whole process....commiserated....misery loves company and all that. She knew about what I went through to get pregnant with Alex. She kind of knew about my IVF cycle (I say kind of because we are not super close, so I didn't share everything with her).

So now she's pregnant. It did sting a little, at first. But I got over it pretty quickly. The thing is, she is the type of girl who is not happy-ever. Which is one of the many reasons that we are only work friends. I listened to her, literally, crying throughout the entire school year about not being pregnant. And what does she do now? Complain every. blessed. day. Seriously. She complains about being bloated, her dog like sense of smell, her nausea, her back, her feet (at 10 weeks-seriously?!) and the list goes on and on.

So to this work colleague, I say: Suck it up. You wanted this. You've been pregnant. You know how it is. Be happy. Your baby has a heartbeat. Your baby is in your belly. You no longer have to imagine what it will be like the second time around. Get. over. yourself. And while you're at it--stop COMPLAINING to someone who would LOVE to be pregnant. stupid can you be? I'm pretty much the worst person to complain to. Pretty much--I don't care that your pants are snug or that you are breaking out. Go bring your insensitive, whiny ass self to someone else who doesn't want to slap you upside the head every time you open your mouth. Getting pregnant has been, incidentally, your main objective for like 11 months! You kind of knew it was coming. Hey-how about this? How about you *try* to enjoy the last time you will most likely be pregnant? Oh wait-you don't know how to find joy in anything, so I guess that's a big order.

And also, don't complain and then turn your big fat eyes of pity onto me and ask fake questions about "how I'm doing" in a patronizing, fake, saccharine voice. It's simply insulting. Oh, and how bout bout you don't work until 9pm every night so you can actually spend **some** time with the one child you have right now? How bout that, mother of the year?

Ok. I feel better. Now I can resist the urge to trip her in the hall. Ok, I wouldn't really because she is pregnant and all. But man--suck. it. up.