Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Milestone...

Had the 9 week scan on Tuesday and it all went well :) Baby is beginning to look like a baby now with a discernible head and trunk. We also saw little arms and legs now and our little one was waving his/her arms all over the place. The nurse commented that s/he was "moving like crazy". Heart beat was great, too, at 174 bpm :) Very very similar to Alex's heart beat at this stage. Hmmmm...another girl???? I'd LOOOOVVVVEEEE another girl because Alex is so darn fun. And I love the relationship that girls can have with their moms when they are older. And I'd love for Alex to have a sister. Even if she doesn't appreciate it ALL the time when she's younger, I'm hoping that they will be close as adults. My sister and I get along well now that we are older. But she lives 2 1/2 hours away. That kind of makes it tough to be really close. I hope that Alex is close with her sibling.

But a boy would be cool too. Having one of each, knowing what it's like to raise both genders....there is something special in that as well. So I guess it's a win-win situation either way. But I just can't imagine myself having a boy. Not that I don't want's just something I could never imagine. Probably because I have one girl and because it was just my sister and I. I feel like I have soooooo long to wait in order to find out. But really, just as long as everything looks ok, I don't care. Win-win no matter what, as long as everything is ok.

Anyway, getting back to my was measuring 3-4 days behind, which appears to be par for the course with this little one. The nurse did not seem concerned at all, as it was within the u/s margin of error anyway. I still am a little bit worried-but I'm a worrier by nature-about some things anyway. Things like this. I find pregnancy to be super stressful and anxiety provoking. I just do. I don't like *not* knowing what is going on in there. I find myself to be much more relaxed when the baby is actually out and I have control over more of what is going on. So I need to work through this.

I graduated, by the way :) My fertility specialist has released me to go back to my regular OB/GYN. I was expecting it, but talk about bitter sweet. One of the receptionists gave me a big hug when I was leaving. I told one NP that, if all goes well, I look forward to never *ever* having to go back there again, lol.

My next appointment will be when I'm almost 12 weeks with my normal doctor on the 18th. We will begin with an ultrasound because we are doing the first trimester integrated screening. That's where the measure the fold on the back of the baby's neck. Dan will get to come with me to that appointment and he will get to see the little bub for the first time. Poor guy has just seen pictures and videos, as he can't come because he is getting Alex ready for daycare. So that's about it for now :) I'm keeping everything crossed that things keep going well <3 anything="anything" for="for" granted....="granted...." not="not" p="p" taking="taking">
Baby C at 9 weeks 2 days. The head is on the right.

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