Saturday, May 3, 2014

I Suck at Blogging and I'm Now a Klepto.

I have been a major slacker. But you know...whatever. I'm back to work so life is chaotic! I do, actually miss blogging though. I need a class in time management because I can't seem to get ANYTHING done lately!

Work has been going ok. Actually, scratch that. Work has been a major downer lately. I have some really tough cases but, worst of all, I have some very sad cases that make me want to scream over the unfairness of  the life that these children are brought into. Seriously...if you can't take care of, don't want, can't stand (etc.) children, stop having them. Or DO NOT start at all. I've had a rough week working with completely uncared for and, in some cases, abused kids.

Anyway. I need to compartmentalize now.

So my kids are turning me into a klepto. I let Alex get something small from the store (a ball, a piece of candy, etc) and she holds onto it. Then I leave the store completely forgetting that she is still holding it! And I'm serious. I have completely forgotten about it and have unintentionally "stolen" said item. I'm not even "pretending" to forget. I have forgotten. That's how muddled my brain is lately.

AND then I see it when we are about to get in the car. MOST times we go back and pay for it. But I gotta tell you...there has been a time or two (probably only two) when Hayden is screaming (or whatever) and I'm just like...whatever. It was in plain view. I wasn't hiding it. I had not intended to NOT pay for it. Sorry, but such is life. I am not taking my one year old back in the store (btw...she's teething), to pay 97 cents for whatever.

I'm guilty. Charge me. The worst part is that I actually DO feel VERY guilty. Seriously. It's that damn moral fiber my parents have woven into me. I try to make it "ok" in my head by saying, well at least it's not a "mom and pop" store...this has only happened two times at a big, giant store chain...where I've just spent $260. know....not all crimes are created equal.

Don't bash me. I already feel badly.

And on a sweeter note...some pics of Easter :)

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