Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's My Kid's Fault...

...And by "kid", I mean kid #2. Yes, my beautiful, spunky little Hayden Charlotte is primarily the reason I haven't blogged in-ohhhh-close to three months.

Ok. She's my scapegoat. She can't really talk yet. Perfect scapegoat.

In reality, I've been the following:

A. Unmotivated to write
B. Busy with play dates and soccer and gymnastic and going to camp on the weekends
C. Not allowed to sit at my desk and write for longer than 5 minutes without my little one having a major fit
D. Too exhausted at night to think about doing anything more than staring blankly at the TV

Seriously, baby girl is going through some serious separation anxiety and wants to be on me with me all. the. time. Love her dearly, beyond dearly...but mama needs a break.

Anyway...we have had a busy summer, despite not taking our normal trip to Australia! Alex has been playing soccer and doing gymnastics and is growing like a weed. Her newest request is to have her ears pierced. I'm not opposed to it...but this is also the kid who gets a tiny scratch and thinks her arm is going to fall off. So yeah, holes in her ear lobes...I'm not sure how she'll handle that.

Hayden is 15 months, has most of her teeth, can say about 10-12 understandable words ("talks" a ton though) and is a walker (and climber...kid climbs everything!). She is a big ham and loves to dance and get attention. She is not quite as laid back as we originally thought and can be quite the diva. She definitely has a strong personality...which isn't surprising. She was our fighter after all, our last frozen embryo....She survived against the odds!

Life has been chaotic...but good.

Unfortunately, my child is screaming at me while trying to crawl up my legs, so I guess this is all I'm allowed to write for now.

Now for a recent pic...I better do this super fast :)

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