Thursday, August 25, 2011

And Our First Stop...

Our first stop, once on Aussie soil, was in Brisbane for the weekend. Dan and I went to school at Bond University on the Gold Coast. However, after graduation, he moved to Brisbane with a bunch of friends (an hour north of the GC). Many of his friends from Uni still live there, so we made that a stop to see everyone.

We had a wonderful was awesome catching up with everyone. Dan's friends are great (and tons of fun) and I have become good friends with them too. Heck, a bunch of his mates came over for our wedding seven years ago (about six of them). That's a long and expensive trip. It kind of shows you how great these guys are.

We ended up having a big barbecue on Saturday that lasted all day and well into the night...and into the morning as well. It was interesting to see his once rowdy friends beginning to settle down in steady relationships (and there were even some who were married and had kids). I had quite a bit of Bundaberg rum. Probably a little too much. But what the heck! It was the start of our vacation ;)

 The BBQ

 Alex hanging out with Mia

 Vicki and Mia (Ben, Vicki's husband, was one of the guys who came over for our wedding and was an usher)

 Dan with Jon and Adam...both good friends who came over for our wedding

 Candid shot

 Vicki and Cara...we stayed with Jon and Cara (Jon's wife)

 Adam with his wife and older son

Jon (Dan's best friend from Australia) and Cara...we stayed with them in Brisbane

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