Thursday, August 25, 2011

Second Stop...Yeppoon.

Our second stop after Brisbane was Yeppoon. This is where Dan grew up and where his parents and one younger sister live. And this is where we stayed for the remainder of the vacation. Yeppoon is a beautiful coastal town, I miss it already! And now for some pics recounting our time there...this is only a few of the almost 300 taken...

 Dan and Alex with Babi and Deda (Dan's Czech grandparents)

 Alex playing with Kiki...Babi and Deda's dog

 Babi and Deda's back yard

 Babi and Deda's house on the beach

 One Aussie neighborhood

 Alex with her deda (grandfather)

 Dan, Alex and Auntie Genevieve (Dan's youngest sister)

 Helping nana make cookies

 Having a picnic at Emu Park with Veronica, Dan's younger sister. This was the day before Veronica went in to be induced

 We found a nice playground right by the ocean

 Nana helping Alex balance

 Auntie Genevieve helping Alex

 Walking to the beach from the house...not bad, eh?

 Yeppoon beaches are gorgeous!

 No one around for miles...this is how a lot of Aussie beaches are. And you can drive on them!

 A view of part of Yeppoon

 Downtown Yeppoon...can you see why I miss it?

 Dan and his father

 Alex helping her deda blow out his birthday candles

 Deda with his two grandkids on his birthday

 Family pic

 Seeing the dingo at Cooberrie Park

 Little cousin, Will, meeting a 'roo for the first time

 Feeding the joey

 hugging the joey

 Dinner party

Playing back at the house

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