Friday, August 26, 2011

Rain Forest Trip

So once all the excitement over the baby had died down to a dull roar, Dan, Alex and I headed up north to the even more tropical part of Australia. We went to Eungella National Park, which is a rain forest. It was gorgeous! There were a zillion different hikes we could have taken, but Alex was kind of unsure of the rain forests and I think she was afraid to walk on her own in them. Dan, poor guy, pretty much had to carry her the whole time. This, of course, deterred us from taking the longer hikes. However, we did have the chance to go off-roading, which was amazing. There were also 4 wheel drive paths (dirt roads) which afforded us spectacular views and some bumpy fun. Maybe a little too much fun, because Alex became car sick after one particularly curvy and bumpy road :( We also stayed at a gorgeous little cabin for the night and had a fire and a nice fillet mignon dinner. It was such an awesome time. Oh! And we also saw a heap of platypus!!! They are a lot smaller than I imagined, but so dang cute. I took some pics of them, but they did not come out very clear so I probably won't post them.

The next day, we headed for Mackay...which is in sugar cane country. Once again, the views were just dynamite. Mackay was nice too. They have an amazing FREE water playground for the kids. It was a bit too windy when we were there to let Alex use it, but we plan to take a few days there next trip so that she can use it!

 Eungella National Park, Broken River

 A platypus mosaic that Alex was particularly taken with

 Going on an evening stroll

 One of the paths in the rain forest

 As you can see, Alex is a little bit unsure of the rain forest

 Heading to Mackay

 Alex yelling at the birds from a sky deck

 Sugar cane country! The cane is in the background, with the cane train in front of it

 Sugar cane...this is what we saw for hundreds of miles

 The awesome free water playground in Mackay-we will be heading there next trip!

 The other side of the water playground is a huge wading pool that gets deep in the center and a waters slide!

And of course, we had to find a playground!

 Had to include these two because I love them :)

Well, that is about all for our Aussie pictorial! We had a wonderful time and cannot wait for the trip next summer (baring any pregnancies...). Thanks for looking!


  1. Love reading about your Aussie adventure! Looking forward to seeing more pics of your lovely family.

    But from a born and bred Queenslander who's perhaps a little too pedantic, it's spelt "Mackay" (but pronounced 'mak-eye') :)

  2. LOL...I should have known that about the just didn't look correct!

    I knew about the pronunciation though-it was a topic of friendly bantering with Dan's family :)