Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Official...

...Back to school season is officially in full swing. Why is this important, you ask? Well, like for all the kids out there, this marks the winding down of summer. As a school psychologist I, too, have to go back to school-er-work. And just like most kids, I have mixed emotions about going back.

On one hand, it will be nice to be on a set schedule again. Gone will be the "willy nilly" days of summer where Alex and I are in bed until 9:30 and laze right through the morning. Yep-they will be no more, baring the weekends. Instead, it will be me getting up at six, getting ready, leaving my baby girl at home with her daddy and sitter, and doing the whole commute thing. There are certain things I look forward to though, I must be honest. I like my morning commute, listening to my early morning radio shows and having a cup of coffee. I like hanging out with my friends/colleagues before the kids arrive-inevitably drinking more coffee. I enjoy the work-the counseling and the evaluations and using my brain for something different than what I use it for domestically-which is not to say one thing is better than the other. Anyway, it's a bittersweet time because I'm a tiny (I mean tiny) bit excited about going back....but know that the novelty will wear off and that I will just want to be with Alex all day again.

The saving grace is that I do love fall and I love the progression into the holidays. Right now, the tree in our side yard is *just* beginning to change colors-which fills me with excitement and dread, in equal measures. I love the cool, crisp air, apple picking and pumpkin picking. I adore walking into the house and the crock-pot being full of something rich and hearty-and having the smells waft through the house. I love fall cooking. I love sweaters and scarves. I love the first frost and warm apple crisp and homemade applesauce. I love Halloween decorations and Halloween parties. I cannot wait to see Alex in her first Halloween costume and "carving" her first pumpkin. I love the way that the air smells in the fall-like smoke and leaves. And Thanksgiving this year-well-I am truly thankful to have a wonderful husband and a beautiful baby to share the day with.

So yes, it's exciting and sad to see all the "back to school" sales and ads. Life is marching on though and I can't live in summer limbo forever. Here's to hoping that this school year is a good one-and not too stressful!

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