Thursday, August 5, 2010

Outback Pictures

This is a typical, old-school, Queensland style house

See the Emu?

Yes, this is a real road and there are cows in our way

An uninterrupted view as far as the eye can see

Alex, hamming it up ;)

One of our very fun dirt roads

In Tambo

Another typical western house

One of my favorite pictures, Alex very happy after coming out of the hot spring

Alex and Auntie Genevieve in the spring. In this picture, you can't see the water being pumped into the pool from the ground, unfortunately

Alex and the bull, right before she grabbed his horns

Animal training demonstration

Watching the dog shepard the sheep....onto the bus?

The general store in Long Reach

The inside of the store-looks like a display, doesn't it?

Where we stayed our first night

Drive through bottle shop-something we're missing in NY

Dan and his sisters

Mmmm....meat pies with tomato sauce! Something the U.S. is missing!

Looks like the tourist center in Alpha is doing a lot of business, doesn't it?

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