Monday, January 24, 2011

Alexandra's Birthday, Party Deux!

So we had birthday party number two for our lucky little girl! It was c.h.a.o.s. But fun chaos! I suppose any kid party will be like that-especially when all the kids attending are 3 1/2 and under! Seriously though-it was a great time. I loved how loud and random and crazy the whole thing was, complete with intermittent melt-downs and scuffles over toys. Alex received some great presents: a bunch of beautiful books-including the 50th anniversary book of "Harry the Dirty Dog" (which was one of MY favorites as a young child)-some clothes, a pink swing for the spring and summer, a tea set and a beautiful wooden doll-house type of storage thingy, to name a few. What a great time!

 Some of the kids...chowing down!

 Alexandra playing with her cousin, Reese

 My little monkey...scratched herself earlier that day :(

 Daddy throwing her in the air...look at her tutu <3

 Playing with her cousin, Rylee. What a good sharer!

 Present time!

 More pressies...momma and the other kids trying to help open the big gift

 Loooove this cake!

 She had fun...until she wiped it all over here face!

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