Monday, July 25, 2011

Crunch Time!

So we are leaving for Australia on Wednesday. Yes, that's right...two days. We are *very* excited about going, especially because of Veronica having the baby soon (her little IVF miracle after 5 rounds of IVF). Last we heard a day ago, she hasn't yet dilated, but the baby's head is engaged. Corrie (Dan's mom) thinks that Veronica will go into labor this coming weekend. Selfishly, I'd like her to hold on a few days because we won't get into Yeppoon until Sunday (we are spending a few days in Brisbane with friends prior). And while I'm sure that I won't be in the delivery room, we would like to be able to be at the hospital to give our support and be a part of the whole baby excitement-even if most if it involves waiting!

Anyway, we have been crazy busy the last few days. Not only with packing, but getting our house in order so that our realtor (my cousin) can show it while we are gone (i.e. clean, without the dogs or cat milling about and without an obscene amount of baby toys floating around). My mom and dad have very generously come over to help us out with cleaning and organizing. My sister has taken our cat back to her house and my parents are taking the dogs. Now we just have to make sure everything stays neat until we leave!!! Which is tough with a toddler ;)

And packing with an 18 month old has been....interesting...challenging....and an eye opener. I remember going to Australia several times before Alex was born. And I vividly remember all the stuff I used to bring for myself: several pairs of shoes, jewelry, body products, hair products, outfit upon outfit. I mean, my suitcase was packed. And it was all my suitcase. I nixed sharing one with Dan early on. I mean, c'mon. A girl needs her own suitcase.

Well, things have understandably changed in the packing department. Long are the days of bringing whatever I wanted for myself. All my stuff ( a few shirts, 2 pairs of shoes...not much else) takes up about 20% of my suitcase...Alex has the rest. And you know that you are a parent when you *don't mind* this change in the least.  For Alex, we have clothes for every weather situation imaginable. We have books and toys and blankets and stuffed animals. We have 4 pairs of shoes, a sun hat, bathing suit, snacks for the plane, medicines, thermometers, nasal aspirators, sippy cups for the plane. You name it...for Alex...we've got it packed! *Sigh*...I'm not done yet and I already think my suitcase is overweight. Thank God Dan is in charge of packing his own bag!

As I wrote on Facebook, our strategy for preventing meltdowns is giving Alex anything she wants (within reason) for the 48 hours we are traveling. Now, this goes against my grain as a school psychologist...but we will be going into survival mode. If Alex wants to watch the Fresh Beats or Olivia for 24 hours straight-so be it. If she wants to eat an endless supply of yogurt melts-so be it. This momma may be taking advantage of the complimentary wines available on the Qantas flights. Just to take the edge off a bit.

Anyway, this will probably be my last blog until we come back late August. This year, I am not taking my laptop with us because Dan will have his. Plus, we have the tablet that we bought for Alex to watch movies with on the plane. Wish us luck with the flights ;)

 Alex's snacks for the flight(s)...think we have enough?

 Packing for two people for four weeks...

Alex "helping" mommy...In reality, she is cheerfully taking all the clothes I put into the suitcase out...

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