Monday, July 18, 2011

I May be Getting Old and Cranky...

But really?! Rea-lly? Does someone honestly think that I am going to take them seriously if they respond to my ad for child care in such a manner (and I'm not exaggerating):

i would like 2 watch your doughter in september email me back if ur intarested

And that was all. No name. No details (no periods or caps). One sentence, which really should have been two. For all I know this could have been from a 14 year old texting a response-it certainly explains some of the short cut "words". Now I don't expect perfection, I try very hard NOT to be the grammar police...but can you count the errors in the above run-on sentence? Because there are a lot....

*Sigh* Yep...I'm getting older and certainly crankier it appears. But, honestly, how hard is it to hit the spell check button? I think it may be time to remove the ad and pray that the day care works out...

1 comment:

  1. I blame it on texting. People are too lazy to spell words out. Don't get me started on learning to compose a letter.

    Sadly, many people's educations are sorely lacking.