Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Tattoo

It was a little bit of an impulse decision. I've been thinking about getting one with Alexandra's name for awhile, but nothing too serious as far as planning/decision making goes. Well then fate/coincidence (what have you) intervened and a few of my friends from work were going to get tattoos. They invited me. And after some hemming and hawing (And friendly cajoling on their parts), I decided it was as good a time as any to get one.

I knew I wanted Alex's name, but then after thinking about her and my infertility struggle and how hard it was just *getting* her, I decided I wanted something with added meaning. I chose a dandelion (the dandelion once it has gone all white and fluffy-seeded dandelion I guess you call it) with its seeds blowing away, and her name carried on the seeds. Why you ask? Because when I was trying to get pregnant I would make wishes an **everything** and anything that I would have one healthy baby. I wished on stars, dandelions, rainbows, I wished when cutting a cake, when seeing a sunset. You get the point. Anyway-thus the meaning behind the dandelion for me.

So here's a pic. Hurt like a $%*#%^. I have one on my back which did not hurt at all. I was silly to think that on the bony foot, it wouldn't hurt either. Glad my friends were with me...even more glad for the martinis we ordered after our appointments! The tattoo is still healing, so pardon the scabbing :)


  1. That is an amazing tattoo! Such a sweet meaning behind it and so creative! <3

  2. Thanks! Gotta start planning my next one for baby #2!