Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I think every woman who has struggled with fertility has "those things" that they think and dream about happening once they have a child. You know-those things/times/occasions that may or may not be important or significant for anyone else, but you just find yourself imagining how it will be with a little person in tow. I had a few of those things: first time going up to camp with the baby, first time packing all of baby's gear for a road trip, first time pushing my baby in a stroller on a nice day, first conversation with fellow friends/mothers about dirty diapers and night time feedings and yes....the first Christmas with a baby. These are all things that I thought about, planned for, imagined even before Alex was conceived. Of course, it made events like going to camp and Christmas bitter sweet because, while I didn't have a child, I still hoped and wished that I would have one for the next year. Yep, bittersweet alright.

This Christmas was spectacular. I can't really say much more than that. It was tremendous on so many different levels. Of course, you kind of always worry that you built something up too much in your head. But Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were awesome. Not only could we share the day with Alex, but we were able to introduce her to all of the old family's traditions...the things that made Christmas special when I was a kid. I saw Christmas differently this year because of it. It gained some of that magic back, some of that excitement and anticipation. I could go into a long diatribe about the parties and the food and the presents, but really, I would rather let the pictures speak for themselves!

 Continuing the tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve

 Big Christmas Eve party at noni and grandpa's house

 Lots of people...more downstairs

 Tiring night!

 Christmas morning!

 With all her new toys-Alex still loves mommy's slippers

 Santa came...ridiculousness ;)

 Buried in gifts

 One of Alex's favorite presents....Mega Bloks!


  1. oh, it looks like it was so fun!!! We had an awesome Christmas too!