Monday, December 20, 2010

So sick :(

The stomach bug has hit. Fortunately, I am the victim and not Alex. I'm keeping everything crossed that it bypasses both Alex and Dan. I'd hate for either to be sick any time, but I'd especially hate for them to be sick for Alex's first Christmas. Fortunately, Christmas Eve is still four days away so if they are bound to get it, hopefully it is out of the way by then. Good thing I got my Christmas shopping done!

I haven't had the stomach bug in years...but I quickly remembered how crappy it is: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, name it, I had it. I had to scramble around last night, between episodes of being sick, to call my boss and find someone else to chair the meetings that I was supposed to chair this morning. Yes, this bug did not pick a good time to strike-as if there ever is a good time.

So now I'm heading back to bed, avoiding my husband and baby as much as I can, in order to hopefully save them from this misery. I have my laptop, the TV and some ginger ale...guess I'm all set.

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