Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Name!

Yes! That's right! My blog has a new name! The other one just didn't fit. I chose it in haste one Spring day because I just wanted to get on with the blogging already. This name suits me-for now.

Why this name? Well, it kind of fits who I am at the moment. And really, who am I (medically speaking, we don't need to get all existential)? I was blessed with a baby-so does that make me infertile still? I had a baby after all! Doesn't that, by definition, mean I'm fertile? Oh But wait-I'm pretty much sure that I will need medical assistance to have another one (and thank God for that technology). So therefore, I can't really be fertile, can I?

I am in that in-between zone. What the heck am I? It shouldn't really matter...infertility is just an identification, a label. Whether you are called "infertile" doesn't change whether or not you will have a baby. So why agonize over a name, a label? I honestly don't really know. But I will say that it kind of sums up our situation right now and, therefore, our choices. Maybe it won't matter so much when we're done having kids.

It's weird to think about a day when I won't need to think about having a baby; it's something that we've had to think about and plan for so long. It's strange to think that there will come a day when being "infertile" makes not one bit of difference to my life anymore. After all, through having Alexandra, I have come to fully realize that it does not matter how a child came to be. If s/he get here, safe and sound, who cares if you conceived on the first cycle off of birth control, or after a fully medicated, injectible cycle and a romantic session with an office syringe? It does not matter. The result is gloriously the same.

But we are a ways off of that moment. I'm in that in-between stage...and I thank God that I am!

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  1. When are you starting your next cycle??? We are ordering our meds in a a few days, then waiting on AF to start in January :) Hope we get to be cycle buddies soon!!!