Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alexandra's Second Birthday Party

Now that I've posted my wanting-a-baby-tirade just a minute ago...I will move on to something positive. Alex had her second birthday party and had a fantastic time! We had some family over, some friends, some kids...and lots of awesome food and, of course, cake...which the kids stalked the entire party. I think Alex had a ball and I really enjoyed planning the party. Buttttt...I'm glad it's over now! Time to relax :)

 We had a "Tangled" themed party

 The "adult" section, lol

 Fantastic food!

 Reese and Alex snuck away and were hanging out in the bathroom

 Controlled chaos

 Well...maybe not so controlled

 Don't you just dig her outfit???

 Opening pressies

 A new Radio Flyer tricycle!!! I was trying to give her a push in this pic and also trying to teacher her about the in progress

 Blowing out the candles

And late party-comer...Bentley the dog!

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