Thursday, January 12, 2012

Updates...Sort Of....

Well, unfortunately....we are in pretty much the same position as last month: waiting.

The plan was to go back to our specialist this month to begin treatments. That changed. Why, you ask? Because, last month I was hell bent on beginning treatments asap.

Basically....we got a phone call from Australia. Dan's mum was calling to tell us that his grandmother was doing pretty poorly. Basically, she has end stage kidney disease. She's 82. She's too weak for dialysis and is too weak for any type of surgical intervention. Basically, they are trying to make her as comfortable as possible and trying to control some of the kidney issues through diet (limiting protein and fat, etc). What it comes down to is that she doesn't have too long to go :( We'll be lucky if she makes it to next Christmas and making it to the summer of 2013 looks pretty unlikely (which is the only other time we'd be able to go out, except for this summer). Dan's parents aren't visiting us this year because they are too worried about being far from her--understandably so.

Ok...the point of all this is that if we began treatments right away and became pregnant right away (as unlikely as it may be), that would put me around 26 weeks when we go to Australia this summer. And we are now definitely sure we want to go, given the fact that Oma is so sick :( It will probably be our last time to see her, and for Alex to spend time with her. Anyway, I digress. I don't want to be traveling that late because if we stay a month, I  would be flying home at 30 weeks. That worries me a bit because the flight time is basically 24 hours AND I was diagnosed with mild pre-eclampsia with my last pregnancy at 34 weeks. I just want to be close to my doctor as I near 30 weeks...just in case. Plus, given my history-I don't know if my OB will even want me traveling that late in my pregnancy.

So...we are holding off. It was a very tough decision...but we feel very strongly that we NEED to get out there this summer (my only large amount of time off) to see Oma.

THE GOOD NEWS is....we are only waiting a month!!! So it's not too bad :) I mean, the waiting sucks, but a month shouldn't be too torturous. That way, just waiting a few weeks...I'd only be going over at 21-22 weeks preggo (again, if first time is a charm). I'd be that much smaller and more comfortable...and flying home at 25-26 weeks versus 30. That's a little more sane sounding to me! I do feel a little bit silly planning this around fertility treatments because, chances are the first cycle (and even the second, etc) won't be "our" lucky cycle. But...there's always a chance and we really want to make certain that we are out there this summer.....

Gah! Watch what happens now....with all this planning and changing of'll take me FOREVER to get pregnant!

So...I did finally get my period and I am now on cycle day six. Only a few weeks to go. Wonder if I'll get a BFP as a "reward" for being such an accommodating wife ;) But I'm telling you this...NO MORE WAITING after this month. I'm done!

 Visiting a local museum 

 Sweet playground!
Alex and I after sliding down a 2+ story slide!

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