Saturday, December 31, 2011

Those 25 Seconds After Taking a Pregnancy Test...

Those several seconds after peeing on a pregnancy test stick are brutal. You all probably know what I am talking about. You know, those 25-30 seconds where you wait and watch, and you're probably still on the can yourself. Those seconds are torture, brutal, misleading. many times have I become excited because I *thought* I saw something-a little trace of color-only to have it fade as quickly as it came...and then the control line gets darker and darker and darker (if you're wondering, First Response, Early Response is my test of choice). In my post pregnancy test reflection, I realize that there never was a line, actually. It was just the dye moving across the window to light up the control line like a Christmas tree. But man, those few seconds-those seconds when the test line is ever so slightly, what a tease. I may just begin using digitals from now on.

Can you guess I recently tested? And I bet you can also guess the result?

But 2012 is a new year, a new start! While I know that my husband and I would LOVE a healthy baby, the more important thing is that we are all together and that we are healthy. A baby would be the absolute icing on the cake. But life is pretty darn good already (knock on wood-because I'm superstitious).

Have a wonderful night and a fertile 2012!

Some pics of Alex at her gymnastics class


  1. Ohhh yes, I know those 25 seconds well. And the 3-10 minutes after where you hold the stick up to the light to double check that there's no line, *just* in case your eyes are playing tricks on you? GAH! May 2012 bring good things to all of us. :)

  2. I hate that too. So sorry there didn't come a line for you. For me neither. So, adoption will be our way... 2012 will be great!

  3. @Jules...Oh yeah....I am guilty of staring at the stick LONG after I've actually used it. I'm also guilty of retrieving it from the garbage to look at it more, lol! G/l to you as well...I hope that 2012 is magical for us all!

    @ Naemi...I hope your journey to adoption is SHORT and that you are holding your child in no time at all! I'll have to keep updated on your progress....