Friday, December 30, 2011

Cycle Day 30

Cycle Day 30...and NO end in sight! Seriously, it doesn't even feel like my period is anywhere on its way. I'm not bloated, not crampy, not spotting. I'm thinking that there's pretty much nothing happening. Its gotta come sometime, right???

So some of you might be wondering...."why doesn't she just go in and get some progesterone to bring on her period"? Well, that had been the plan. The NP told me that if I hadn't gotten my period by the 28th or 29th day of my cycle, I could come in and get that prescription. And why haven't I done that??? Well, basically, it has been a crazzzzyyyy week!

We had a nice Christmas (mostly), but it was not smooth sailing! On Christmas Eve (fortunately at the very end of the night, at about 10pm) Alex began saying, "Ear hurt" and was crying. She was pretty uncomfortable all night and so Dan and I didn't get much sleep either. I ended up getting sick to my stomach Christmas Eve night as well (an adverse reaction to clam sauce, I think) and Dan managed to tweak his back around this time as well. We were a mess. So Christmas Day, while fun, was probably not the best we have ever had-or will have. Alex was still sick and vomited twice and did not want to eat. She had fun opening presents, but was not herself. Alex has also begun teething these last few days-2 year molars! So that hasn't been fun for her :( Anyway, it was a crazy week with all of us getting sick at different times, with doctor's appointments and a teething baby and redoing a guest bedroom to a play room. Yep-never made it to the specialist. But I figure that I will give it another few days and go in if my period doesn't start. Heck, at this point in time...what's the big deal with waiting a few more days??? My friend suggested that I take a pregnancy test, since my period is late (well, late in comparison to my last few cycles). I laughed at her and told her there was no way I was pregnant. Really, I no longer even trick myself into thinking that I could be anymore. You have to ovulate to get pregnant. That's kind of essential. I think that I would pretty much pass out from shock if I did test and it was positive!

Let's see, more updates....just found out (via FaceBook) that another friend is pregnant :O Ummmm, I brought Alex to a bounce-house place today (first day any of us have felt good) and it was pretty much like every women there had not only one older child, but an infant as well. I was totally surrounded! One woman (we kind of chatted) had a daughter Alex's age and infant twins-boy and girl. Gosh, I bet you guys can understand how tempted I was to ask her if they were fertility treatment twins! LOL-don't worry, I contained myself. That would be a little creepy if I had asked....

And some pics, of course :)
 Christmas Eve, opening a present with Noni

 LOVE this pic...and that dress!

 Hanging out with her cousin on the stairs...the cool place to be, apparently 

 Christmas Morning...Santa brought a dollhouse!

 And her Nana and Deda from Australia got her a kitchen!

 Vet kit

 The carnage!

 Christmas Day opening presents at Noni and G-Pop's house

Opening yet more presents at her great aunt and uncle's house

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