Thursday, December 8, 2011

Feeling VERY fortunate :)

No. I'm not pregnant. Ha...just had to get that out there!

But I AM feeling extremely fortunate and blessed and lucky and...and a bunch of other great feelings.

My medicine arrived today. Four Gonal-F pens, two boxes of Crinone (which is new to me), a whole Lupron kit with needles and wipes, HcG shots and our very own sharps container, lol. All delivered today via a friendly FedEx guy. Thanks Freedom Pharmacy!

But the best part of all....we only had to pay 55 bucks for the whole lot!!! I nearly cried when my husband told me.  Thank you insurance and to my job for adding an extra (and awesome) fertility treatment rider to our plan! Last time we had to order this much medication, it cost over 800 bucks, AND that was with insurance paying a LARGE percentage already. It was also confirmed that our plan pays for three IVF's. Of course, we are hoping to not have to go that route, but if we do, at least that aspect is generally taken care of. I feel very blessed to not have to really worry about this aspect of TTC, when the whole process is already plagued by worry and fear. Thank you, God. Thank you to whoever decided to add that rider....whether our treatments work or not, I will not take this gift for granted!

So here's my loot:


  1. Wow! That is impressive! We JUST found out that we have to do IVF after my OB told us my husband's SA was normal 3 cycles ago and it is most definitely NOT! So now we have to finance IVF totally on our own, my insurance covers nothing...not to mention the money we spent on past treatments (that wouldn't even work for us because of his counts but the OB prescribed anyway...I'm still getting bills :() How do I get your insurance plan?? Good luck!

  2. Wow....that just sucks :( Especially about your doctor having you on a protocol-that you had to pay for-that probably wouldn't have worked anyway with your husband's situation. Are you going to a specialist now, rather than an OB? I hope your first round of IVF works!!! As far as my plan goes...we just got incredibly, incredibly lucky that my work picked up such a great benefits package. A lot of specialists, however, will run IVF packages and specials....sometimes around the holidays. There is also a grant to look into. If you are going to a specialist, they should have someone around to specifically answer these questions. My friend purchased 3 or 4 IVF cycles for about 5 specials are out there....Good luck....I hope to hear that your first round was a success!