Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well...There Is No Denying...

...My period is well and truly here :( She came full blast on Thursday, which was only cycle day 20 (well, actually cycle day 1 now).

I was so hoping that I would spot for awhile, as I often spot for 5 or 6 days beforehand. Nope. Wasn't happening. And funny enough (well, actually, NOT so funny), getting my period on Thursday was probably the WORST day to get it to ensure that I wouldn't be able to start injections this cycle. Doesn't it just figure?  How's that for luck?

I even tried calling my fertility center to explain the situation to see if they could do anything-squeeze me in only a few days earlier, or loan me medications until mine come in. No can do. They have new protocols and would probably want me to begin injections on cd 3. Which is...oh yeah....TODAY.

Damn you PCOS! You have won this battle, but I plan to kick your ass next time (knock on wood because God forbid I jinx myself, as I am an especially superstitious infertile)!

On a funny side note....Dan and I saw the new Harold and Kumar Christmas movie and Harold and his wife were TTC. Apparently they had been trying for a year. Well, in the opening scene the wife was saying that they needed to "get busy" because she was ovulating. And then-miraculously THE NEXT DAY-which happened to be Christmas Day-she was waving around a positive pregnancy test-LOL! If only you could ovulate one day and get a positive test the next day. No more two week waits-sounds like a pretty sweet deal!


  1. oh brother lol. I hate when movies do that!!!! Or how they have sex one night, then the next morning are shown puking their guts out cause their pg already... sorry about AF :(

  2. I am so sorry! I truly am. Have been following your blog these last days to see if all goes right... :(

    Stupid PCOS, I hate that too.

  3. Thanks ladies :) I think the disappointment is kind of settling in now. I realllllyyyy hope that this isn't going to be an uber long cycle, so I can just move on. Oh well....