Tuesday, December 20, 2011

oh COME. ON.

Do you know what today is? Well, you probably don't....but it is cycle day 20. Last cycle, I had a complete, heavy, full flow on cycle day 20. Spotting started on cycle day 19. Of course, that was when I was praying and hoping and wishing that my period would stay away until my appointment.

Now? Now that I want my period to come so I can move on to our first injectable cycle (well, first since before Alex)...well, now it's  NOWHERE in sight. I'm not having any cramping, no bloating, no emotionality (except for being incredulous about this situation) no nothing. Nothing to indicate that the evil witch known as "Aunt Flo" is coming. And no. I am not pregnant.

Waiting sucks. I have no eloquent words. 'Nuff said. Waiting when you're "oh so close" sucks even more. Grrrraarrrrrrr!

Come on...just throw me a bone, will ya, fertility Gods???


  1. Good luck! I hope it comes soon...I'm trying to get in for IVF during this next cycle but I'm all over the place so we may have to delay until February, the waiting is killing me!

  2. I hope you get in soon! I'm still waiting...and going nuts!