Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Test Results Back...

So we got the last two test results back from the blood they took at our re-consultation. They were looking at Vitamin D levels and AMH levels. My vitamin D level was normal-well ok-low normal...but that makes sense for living in a perpetually cloudy state! For all those unfamiliar with AMH (because I sure as heck was), it is an acronym for "Anti-Mullerian Hormone". Quite a mouthful that one. AMH is a blood test that measures ovarian reserve. Here's a description from a website:

"AMH stands for Anti-Mullerian Hormone. It is also called MIS (Mullerian Inhibiting Substance) . Since AMH is produced directly by the ovarian follicles, AMH levels correlate with the number of antral follicles in the ovaries . It has been documented that women with lower AMH have lower antral follicular counts and produce a lower number of oocytes compared with women with higher levels".

Apparently, specialists have begun looking at AMH over FSH because it (AMH) does not change depending on where you are in your cycle (whereas you have to test FSH on cycle day 3). Anything around 1ng/ml to 3 ng/ml is considered a normal result. Numbers lower than 1ng/ml are sub-optimal. Anything above 3-3.5 ng/ml is considered high (usually associated with PCOS) and places the woman at risk for hyperstimulation.

So...my AMH level was..... 9.5 ng/ml! Gee-think I have poly-cystic ovaries? Basically...I have A LOT of antral follicles. Which makes sense since I don't ovulate on my own-I guess I'm kind of hoarding my follicles, in a sense.

Ok. I'd rather have a higher result than a lower result without a doubt...but the risk for over-stimulation is greater than typical. Also, I don't believe AMH speaks to egg quality. So I can say I have a ton of eggs, but who the heck knows of the quality. Is there a test for quality? I just hope with all those follicles dotting my ovaries, something will work and we get our one healthy baby.

I'm definitely getting scared though. Well, nervous is probably a better descriptor. Nervous and anxious to just get. on. with. it. I hate waiting. I hate not knowing. I hate inaction. But I'm not looking forward to all the feelings (the old feelings that I thought I had buried after our previous treatments) if our first cycle is unsuccessful. I'm trying to stay realistic. I know there's a good chance that it won't happen for us right away. But a part of me still hopes we will be the "one cycle and done" family. I can't help it. And I am probably setting myself up for a hard fall. Ahhh....it's just a viscous cycle! I need a crystal ball so I can look into the future to see what happens. I just want to know!

Oh...as for my cousin update/preg-dar update: results are inconclusive. No announcement was made at the family Christmas party, but I did watch said cousin all night and she was drinking water, rather than partaking in the ample amounts of alcohol provided. When I mentioned this to my sister-she looked at me like I was OFF MY ROCKER and asked why I was visually stalking this cousin. *Sigh* She just doesn't get it....which is probably a good thing.

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